Courtyard Marriott: Clarksville, TN


Courtyard Marriott Clarksville, TN

Date of Stay:  July 2012

Who:  The Unit

I have stayed at many hotels both high end and low end.  Clarksville, TN does not offer very many high-end choices.  This is about the fanciest you will find in this town.  I have stayed at many marriott brand hotels as well.  I like Marriott hotels, mostly because they are consistently clean and they honor a military discount that makes it worthy as well.

I have to say this is one of the first times I experienced the Courtyard line of their hotels.  I am dissapointed that they charge so much for a breakfast.  For a child’s Cereal, Banana and milk it was $4.50.  This is fine if you are staying there for one night.  But even at that with two children that is $9.00 plus TAX and TIP – which rounds it out a little over $10.00.  There is a Walmart around the corner where you can pick up a 1/2 gallon of milk (there are little fridges in the room), a box of cereal (your choice) and bananas for about $6.00 and that will last you at least 3-4 breakfasts for 2 children.  This hotel is already a higher priced hotel, coupled with this expensive, no frills breakfast choice….it really lowered down in my ranks.

The beds are terrible.  They were not the Marriott quality bed I have come to expect.  I do not know if the beds are different in the Courtyard line versus the Residence Inn hotels.  But these beds were so uncomfortable.  It’s been years since I have woken up with a sore back.  I totally did not expect that from this hotel.  We had 2 queen beds and they were equally bad.

The bathroom was clean.  BUT the toiletries are so tiny.  The shampoo is good for one person…if that.  I have long hair, not excessive to my cankles long, just mid back and there is no way I could have used one shampoo.  They are a higher end brand, but it’s about a half tablespoon of shampoo for the entire room.

Lastly the cleanliness of the room was decent on first glance.  However, my 4 year old brought some stupid foam shooting gun thing my dad got him and I had to go around and underneath things to find them.  I looked under the chair which has feet that raise the chair up off the ground about 2-3 inches so you can see under it from a distance.  The chair is light and easy to move.  I moved the chair and there was an old moldy grape under there.  It was gross, so I left it.

I also noticed on our bedding, towards the top there was a small, dried up blood stain (so tiny about 5 dots clustered together).  Kind of gross, but we did not notice it until the morning while I was looking for the foam pieces.  My husband slept in this bed and did not have any injuries or scratches.  So kind of gross, but whatever, he’s a doctor, he isn’t bothered by these things.

I did not report any of these things to the front desk until we checked out because I did not notice these things with the room until we were getting ready to leave.  I am sure and certain that they would have remedied the room issues immediately.  The staff was very nice and cheerful.

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